We need a proven leader with real world experience to represent us in Topeka. As your State Representative, I work each day to improve fiscal responsibility in state government, as well as to promote legislative policies that grow and strengthen our economy and schools.

Our challenges in Kansas continue to change, but today we have a clear picture of what we must accomplish as a state and how we need to adapt in order to provide the best future for every Kansan.

I have advocated for reforms to our tax code, regulatory policies, education system, and business code. In addition, I have worked for reforms to state government that would modernize the way our government operates.

If you ever have a question about an issue that is important to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  Rob Bruchman

It is imperative that we maintain the quality of education available in our public schools in order to prepare our children for the future and give them every opportunity to succeed. I support:

Increased control over how education funds are raised and spent.
Targeting education funds to the classroom, where it will make the most impact for students and teachers.
Maintaining the quality of education in our public schools by continuing to attract highly qualified teachers and developing innovative programs.
Support local activities funding and increased local option budget.

Fiscal Responsibility
Kansas is amassing debt at an alarming rate due to excessive governmental expenditures. In order to restore our economy and address the important issues faced by our state, we must exercise fiscal responsibility in Topeka. I support:

Legislative review of agency expenditures and programs in order to reduce waste and inefficiency.
Control over increased annual expenditures in the state budget.
Annual review of all new programs and their effectiveness.
Improved use of technology in state agencies to create efficiencies and drive down costs.

Economic Development and Job Creation
Small businesses generate approximately two-thirds of the jobs in Kansas. In order to stimulate our economy and create new jobs, we need to control and reduce business regulations and costs. I support:

Removing unnecessary governmental regulations and bureaucracy.
Ensuring reasonable unemployment taxes.
Taxation policies that encourage business development and growth.
Ensuring affordable workers compensation insurance.

Clean, reliable and affordable energy is vital to the State of Kansas. I support:

Affordable and reasonable energy costs.
Development of responsible, long-term common sense policies.
Increased use of natural gas resources.
Promotion of energy efficiency and alternative energy technology.

Standing up for our seniors is a priority to me. I support:

Avoiding new property taxes on seniors.
Working toward lower prescription drug cost.
Protecting retirement assets.
Ensuring vital services that seniors depend on stay in place.

My father and grandfather both served in the military. I am a vigorous supporter of legislation providing benefits to service members, as well as benefits for the families of those killed in action. I believe that we need to recognize and honor the sacrifices of all our service members and ensure that they are provided all the benefits and services they deserve, including the best medical care.